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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

By Alex Martin

Chapter One. The Ultimate Battle Begins

Lightening flashed and thunder boomed. A sinister laugh filled all of Mobius. It was Robotnik’s laugh.

“Once I activate my ultimate annihilator I will blow Knothole Village into tiny pieces. Ha Ha ha. Nothing can stop me, not even that overgrown stupid Hedgehog.”

“Not so fast Robotnik, you big fatso! You’re going down once and for all if my name isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“You can’t stop me you stupid Hedgehog! First I’ll need to test it. And I’ll test it on You!”

“Well, if you want to test it on me you’re going to have to catch me.”

Clang, clang! Teuu. Teuu.. Boom! Sonic begins a big fight with Robotnik. The fight lasted for one hour.

Sonic knocked Robotnik right into the Ultimate Annihilator.

It Blows Up! Kaboom!

“Nooo,” said Robotnik. “Now I’m really mad at you!” His eyes lit up red. And he pulled out a laser gun and began to shoot at Sonic. “Toook.”

Sonic knocked it right out of his hand and it shot Robotnik right in the stomach. “Aaah…”

“And now it’s time to finish you once and for all.”

Gong! Sonic combined all his speed and power into one gigantic punch. The punch knocked Robotnik right into a building that housed all the explosives. Robotnik smashed right into the controls of a gigantic megabomb and he blew up! He explodes into a million pieces and was gone for good.

Chapter 2. To The Future.

Two years went by since the destruction of Robotnik and things were pretty calm. But what the citizens of Mobius didn’t know was in the future a terrible evil power was about to attack and destroy it: the evil Lord Dark-Ra.

“Soon I, the Evil Lord Dark-Ra, will have the power of the legendary Golden Chaos Emerald. And with it I will control the universe! Ha ha ha…

But only one force that can stop me - the Chaos rebellion of the Golden Emerald. And I shall have to eliminate them. I have the perfect plan to destroy them. Go, my robotic demons of destruction. Destroy! Destroy the Golden Emerald Island of the Echidnos.”

Meanwhile at Echidnos.. “Even with all our technology we are no match for the Evil Lord Dark-Ra,” says King Acorn of the future.

Suddenly, boom!

“I finally found where you are hiding Acorn-Head! Now I finally will destroy you.”

KaBoom! A beam of evil energy shot from the Evil Lord Dark Ra’s eyes. The entire room blew into tiny, weeny pieces. The future King Acorn was shot very badly.

“Uhh. There’s seems to be only one way to stop him. Uhh. To use the powers of the Golden Emerald. I need a wish from you. I wish for you to banish this evil into another dimension, from which he will never escape.”

Zang! A magical beam of light filled the room. “Nooo,” yelled Lord Dark-Ra, as he vanished into a beam of light.

“I have a funny feeling that the Evil Lord Dark Ra will escape so I’m using all my magic strength to send weapons of the legendary Echidna Knights. All the weapons and all their powers will transport them to the past to prevent this cycle of destruction.

“I hope these are useful. Goodbye Queen Acorn. Goodbye.”

And the King died.

A few seconds after the King died, everything began to collapse. First buildings, the City of Echidno’s, then Planet Mobius disappeared and were never seen again. And then a brilliant flash and everything was all gone.

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