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Snoedel is the original sleeping and bonding aid for babies completely handcrafted in the United States by moms, grandmothers, and female college students under “newborn-safe” conditions (environments free of tobacco and perfumes). It is comprised of 100% natural fibers and has been safe for use with all babies including newborns, premature infants, and other babies in Neonatal Intensive Care units.

Creation and Care of the Snoedel

The very first was created by a Dutch woman inspired by the birth of a friend’s premature infant. The Dutch word “snoedel” means “snuggle”. The body is 100% cotton flannel, the head is stuffed with pure clean and carded sheeps wool; Snoedels can be safely machine washed and dried. After being washed, a Snoedel should be re-infused with the parent’s scent.

Snoedels Facilitating Adoption

Snoedels can be used during the adoption process to begin the bonding between baby and parent, while waiting for delivery of the child. This can be especially helpful in international adoptions, when waiting periods are longer and language and cultural diferences may add additional barriers between the baby and its adopting parents.

How Snoedels Work

Recent research suggests that just an hour after birth a newborn can locate his mother’s nipple by sense of smell. In addition to bringing comfort and reassurance, the sense of smell is one of the first things that bond a baby to its parents.

Snoedels bring comfort as “aromatherapy of the very best kind - the scent of a mom”. They are designed specifically to absorb and retain a mother’s (or father’s) scent. Then when held or placed near a newborn or infant the scent is slowly released to comfort the baby, thus improving sleep, aiding in bonding, and soothing a baby’s crying or distress. A parent (preferably the mother) should sleep with the soft Snoedel for a couple of nights prior to giving the Snoedel to the baby.

Snoedel, Inc.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Toll Free: 877-SNOEDEL

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