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Lotus Travel Inc, a premier tour operator and ticket consolidator specialized in adoption travel and birth country visits to China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, was established in 1995. The agency has assisted over 10,000 orphans finding permanent loving homes and at the same time constantly working on improving the lives of orphans who still remained in local orphanages in Asia. Its China adoption packages: Ladybug and Lotus Blossom Packages are extremely popular among adoptive families. The former features travel from Los Angeles to Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines' non-stop premium economy class or economy class, with three nights accommodation at the White Swan Hotel, whereas the latter highlights travel to Beijing or Hong Kong from Newark on Continental Airlines' non-stop economy class, including three nights stay at the White Swan Hotel. Visit the agency's Web site at for more details.

Lotus Travel also arranges homeland heritage tours to both China and Vietnam. Families are given the option to customize their tours if they are not satisfied with the current pre-arranged group tour itineraries; the agency's tour experts are honored to assist families to plan a meaningful once in a lifetime birth country visit according to their needs and preferences. Visit the Web site at for more information and direct all tour inquiries to Besides adoption travel and homeland heritage tours, Lotus Travel also offers intra China and Vietnam travel, visa courier service, cell phone rental packages and travel insurance.

Due to the skyrocketing demand for Beijing Olympics and orphanage reunion tours in 2008, Lotus Travel has created different tour options with the flexibility of customization to meet the needs. Early reservation is recommended due to the popularity of the event and $500 refundable deposit per traveler is all that is required to reserve a space on one of Lotus Travel's Summer Olympic Games Travel Programs. Why wait? Visit Lotus Travel's Web site at for more details and reserve your spot today!

Lotus Travel, Inc.
5990 158th Ave SE
Bellevue WA 98006
Tel: 425-679-5598 | Fax: 425-679-5149

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