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Understanding ADHD

Dr. Christopher Green & Dr. Kit Chee

Understnding ADHD
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Understanding ADHD provides an overview of conventional ADHD theory and treatment in a informative and easy to read format. Information is laid out in short paragraphs with short and descriptive headings. Bullets and examples are used throughout the book; a useful format for adult readers who also have ADHD.

Two pediatricians, Dr. Chrisopher Green and Dr. Kit Chee, are the authors of Understanding ADHD. Dr. Green is also well known as the author of Toddler Taming. Dr. Kit Chee specializes in the behavioral and learning problems of children. They provide plenty of simple suggestions for raising your child with ADHD -- such as surviving car trips, working on school assignments, getting your child to listen, positive feedback, etc. A good bibliography of professional papers and the DMSR IV (94) criteria for ADHD, Conduct Disorder and Tourettes are a welcome addition to the book.

The authors strongly favor the use of stimulates (especially Ritalin) for treatment of ADHD, which is the currently accepted practice. However, I wish they had given a bit more weight to discussing the other forms of therapy, medication side effects, and other medications while doing so. This narrow focus makes this book less useful for children who have ADHD symptoms related to prematurity or for any child who might be sensitive to this medication. Parents who wish to dig into ADHD itself a bit more fully may prefer a book with a broader scope.

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