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Living in My Skin

The Insiders View of Life With a Special Needs Child

By Lori Hickman

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Parents of children with special needs have special needs of their own, explains Lori Hickman. In her book Living In My Skin parents of children with a variety of disabilities speak about their lives with searing honesty. In this lengthy series of email responses to Hickman's questions, parents share with us the isolation and struggles they face each day in meeting their children's basic needs. They share their experiences on a variety of poignant issues - including finding out about their children's disabilities, difficulties in finding services and support, and heartfelt concerns for the future. Most of the children in her book have severe disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, CHARGE syndrome, quadriplegia cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, and fetal alcohol syndrome; many are multiply handicapped. The ages of the children range from 2 years old to teenage.

Lori Hickman is a speech pathologist who has worked with children with communication disorders for over 17 years. In Living In My Skin, she encourages parents to share what is often the unspeakable - the hidden sorrow, fears and anger of special needs families. Eloquent quotes from parents on many aspects of raising children with severe disabilities fill each page. Parents of special needs children will find themselves resonating to many of the thoughts, concerns and frustrations expressed by the families. Of equal importance, those who work with children with special needs (e.g., teachers, therapists, administrators, medical professionals, etc.) may come to a more empathetic understanding of the stresses these families face. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand special needs families.

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