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Parent's Complete Special Education Guide

By Roger Pierangelo
& Robert Jacoby

When Your Child Has a Disability
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Parent's Complete Special Education Guide provides descriptions of the special education programs, laws, regulations and procedures. Straight forward summaries of screening, developmental information, and education programs are given for both preschool age and for older children. A short section on early intervention is also included.

Parent's Complete Special Education Guide provides a excellent guide for the rules and procedures you will be following in working with the education system. It is also a good guide to the type of information that the school system will be evaluating for your child for the different categories of disability.

You will want to supplement this text with information on specific disabilities for detailed discussions with your school. In addition, the distinction between early intervention, preschool, and school programs could be clearer.

For parents attempting to unravel the special education process for their child, the Parent's Complete Special Education Guide provides a good introduction to these complex procedures.

Example quote from the book:

"A history of low academic performance is usually a factor in the identification of a child with a learning disability. A learning disability does not occur in grade 5 with high levels of achievement in past grades. A learning disabled child usually has a history of academic difficulties in one or several areas. Test scores may reflect this pattern and generally a deficit of six months to one year below grade level is considered mild, 1-2 years moderate and a deficit of more than 2 years a severe academic deficiency."

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