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Uniquely Gifted

Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Twice Exceptional Student

Edited By Kay Kiesa

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

If you have a child who is gifted in some areas of education and yet struggles in others, do not delay - this book is for you. Uniquely Gifted is a collection of over 40 essays from families, teachers, administrators, and experts on educating children who are 'twice exceptional.' Education for these twice exceptional children poses a unique challenge as they have both special needs and above average abilities (gifted) in academics. "If child with an IQ that's one in a million has a disability that's one in a thousand, how likely is it that she will have others in a class who learn the same way that she does?," asks Editor Kay Kiesa. Uniquely Gifted provides a wonderful guide to the techniques you can use to help your child get the most out of his or her education and reach their full potential.

The premise of Uniquely Gifted is that we must use creativity to find ways to assist our unique children use all their different abilities - both those below and above average. This is a whole new paradigm for many parents of children with disabilities, and will elevate your interactions to target resources more effectively on what your child needs to do his/her personal best. The experiences of parents and educators in this book provide a road map to achieving this.

Topics in Uniquely Gifted are covered in four sections: Family Matters; Teaching Strategies; Research and Theory; and Administrative Options. The pro's and con's of actual experiences of accommodations in school, variations in classroom settings, technology and extra assistance are all discussed in these inspirational essays.

Uniquely Gifted is a valuable tool for both parents and educators of twice exceptional children.

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