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We Can Do It!

Laura Dwight

We Can Do It!
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Reviewer: Allison Martin

We Can Do It! by Laura Dwight is teaches children in daycares, preschools and elementary schools about their classmates who have disabilities and handicaps. The uplifting theme is the book is enhanced by cheerful photographs of children with various disabilities participating in the classroom and playing with their friends. A young girl with cerebral palsy plays musical instruments with her classmates ... a young boy with Down's Syndrome wins a board game with his mother ... a young girl who is blind makes a cake with her father .... Each photo essay of these children demonstrate their involvement throughout the day with their parents, therapists and preschool.

We Can Do It! is a wonderful resource for children, their parents and their teachers who are learning about the special needs of their classmates. Every public or school library should have a copy.

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