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Making Sense of Sensory Integration

Jane Koomar, Stacey Szklut, Sharon Cermak, David Silver

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

The CD, Making Sense of Sensory Integration, is one of the most balanced, well thought out and practical presentations for parents on the topic of sensory integration dysfunction available today. It is an excellent overview of the theory of Sensory Integration Disorder. Two experienced occupational therapists (Jane Koomar and Stacey Szklut) provide a panel discussion answering questions parents may have about sensory integration disorder. The stimulating and informative discussion is moderated with authority by Sharon Cernak, Professor of Occupational Therapy at Boston University, a well known educator in the field. Dr. David Silver provides a heart felt introduction.

Topics addressed include: effects of sensory integration challenges as your child develops; a discussion of sensory modulation and sensory discrimination; and poignant examples of how both school and family life is affected by sensory integration issues. The topics are well organized and clear. The personal accounts of child behavior from babyhood to adult will prove invaluable for many parents, who may never have heard these difficult issues acknowledged. Many of these behaviors (such as sensitivity to touch, clumsiness, difficulty with transitions, and overstimulation) will be familiar to families with children who have children born premature or children who have institutional disorders, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy or autism.

In many ways, the theory of sensory integration dysfunction is still in its infancy - much work still remains to sort out the actual symptoms and treatment of sensory dysfunction. In this new and somewhat controversial field, Belle Curve products are exemplary in providing information and useful tools for parents, teachers and practitioners. Making Sense of Sensory Integration is recommended for every parent who wishes to learn more about the current theory of sensory integration disorder from these experienced and articulate occupational therapists.

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