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Understanding Sensory Dysfunction

By Polly Godwin Emmons and Liz McKendry Anderson

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

Understanding Sensory Dysfunction is an excellent resource for parents and teachers of children with severe sensory integration dysfunction, high functioning autism and/or aspergers syndrome. The authors are parents of children with sensory integration dysfunction and other diagnoses and special education teachers and it shows in the quality of the practical advice and applications. The description of asperger's syndrome are among the best I have read - truly a gift for other parents coping with these issues.

Understanding Sensory Dysfunction provides a detailed look at sensory integration dysfunction and its impact on a child's life from preschool to middle school and at home. The subtitle of this book "Learning, Development And Sensory Dysfunction In Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Bipolar Disorder" gives a glimpse at the overwhelming, multiplicity of impacts sensory integration dysfunction can have for children with special needs. Several chapters are dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand how this manifests in their child's life. They provide information on signs to look for, developmental milestones and flags, professional evaluations, and touching real life stories of children's days. This well written book provides examples of problems related to sensory integration dysfunction at school and home, along with ways to anticipate and ameliorate them. The authors demonstrate how parents and teachers can be detectives to understand via observation what is going on with these children, as not only the children's reactions but their observations and communication are unlike other children their age. This is a great resource for both parents and teachers, providing both a helpful overview and many specific examples of ways to assist children with serious sensory dysfunction at school and at home

I highly recommend the book Understanding Sensory Dysfunction for every teacher, parent and therapist coping with children of elementary and middle school age with serious sensory dysfunction and related disorders.

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