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Someone I Love

By Lori Hickman

A touching dedication to special needs children.

Someone I love relies on me in ways you will never understand.

Someone I love endures pain and challenges that break my heart and renew my spirit at the same time. Someone I love is unable to advocate for themselves for things that most of us take for granted.

Someone I love will never have the opportunities that every child should have.

Someone I love will need unconditional love and support after I am gone - this frightens me to the core.

Someone I love encounters pity, stereotyping responses, and prejudice at every turn, because they look, act, and/or learn differently than others.

Someone I love has needs that require me to allow "outsiders" to have power and input in areas that should be mine alone to meet.

Someone I love will continue to look to me for everything in life long after other children are able to assume a place as part of the world.

Someone I love has needs that require more time and energy than I have to give.

Someone I love has needs that mean I am not able to meet basic needs of my own.

Someone I love has needs that have become the driving force behind major decisions my family makes.

Someone I love has changed me in ways I will never be able to describe.

Someone I love has taught me about love and about the really important things in life...

And still others don't understand what it is to be me.. they aren't living in my skin.

This touching dedication is from the book Living in My Skin, The Insider's View of Life With a Special Needs Child by Lori Hickman. Reprinted with permission of the author, all rights reserved. © Copyright Lori Hickman.

Lori Hickman is a speech pathologist in Washington state. She is the author of Living in My Skin, The Insider's View of Life With a Special Needs Child, and four other books on speech and apraxia.

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