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Parenting in Special Circumstances

Recommended Parenting Books

Advice on parenting in special circumstances such as single parenting, adoption, premature birth, special needs.

Baby Showers for Adoptive Parents
Adopting parents have the same needs as any other new parents would, but with a few minor considerations. Amanda Baker

Coping with A Birth Disorder in Your Child
Advice for parents of babies born with a birth disorder. Sarah Veda

Differences of Preemie and Full Term Births
We seem to need to grieve the small details; what to full term parents is just a footnote is the body of the text for us. Mary Searcy

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Interview with Carol Kranowitz, the author of the popular book on sensory integration, The Out-of-Sync Child.

Single Mothers By Choice
An interview with Jane Mattes, the author of Single Mothers By Choice. Allison Martin

Speech and Language Development
Causes, milestones and advice for your child's early speech problems. Kimberly Powell, Ph.D.

Providing Comfort and Care for Your Preemie Baby
As a parent, you can provide comfort and support to your growing baby in a a number of ways. Susan L. Madden

For Families of Children with Special Needs
Coping with the news that your child has a disability. Jill Curtis

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