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Sensory Integration Books

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Comeunity: Sensory Integration
Excellent selection of articles on sensory integration in children.

Childrens Disabilities Information
More articles and resources on the impact and treatment of sensory integration disorder.

Center for the Study of Autism
Several useful articles on sensory integration are available on this large website:

Interview with Lorna Jean King
One of the pioneers of sensory integration therapy.

"My Experiences with Visual Thinking Sensory Problems and Communication Difficulties" By Temple Grandin
Self description of SI and other autistic traits.

Sensory Integration Network
Provide parents, occupational  therapists, and physicians with articles and Internet resources.

Classroom Tips for Children with Sensory Integration Disorders By Kari Shanks Hall

Home activities for children with sensory integration problems By Heather Miller

Sensory Smarts
Sensory integration tips and advice on finding an occupational therapist from Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske, authors of Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

Sensory Integrative Dysfunction in Young Children
An excellent article by Linda C. Stephens describing sensory integrative dysfunction in children.

The Out of Sync Child, By Carol Stock Kranowitz
Website for the author of The Out of Sync Child.

Nashville SID Foundation
Chosing a good therapist: When Is It Really S.I. Treatment?

Sensory Integration International
Sensory integration research and training for occupational therapists.

Sensory Integration
Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration Information

Sensory Integration Books

Sensory Integration CDs

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Sensory Integration Books

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