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Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Articles to help your child with sensory integration issues, including an interview with Carol Kranowitz, author of the popular book The Out of Sync Child.

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Sensory Integration Articles

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Interview with Carol Kranowitz, the author of the popular book on sensory integration, The Out-of-Sync Child.

Sensory Integration, Noise and Your Baby in the NICU
Recommendations on reducing noise in the NICU to protect your premature baby's sensitive hearing. TrezMarie T. Zotkiewiecz

How a Child's Behavior Temperament Affects Parents
One of the most important factors in the workload a parent faces parenting is their child's temperament. Discover which traits might make a child more difficult to raise. Cary Chugh

Where Can I Turn for Help When My Child Has Sensory Integration Problems?
Although many professionals are now aware of sensory integration disorders, parents still face difficulties in finding qualified help for their children with sensory integration problems. Find out who can help and what professional qualifications are important, when you suspect your child has sensory integration issues. Zoe Mailloux

When Sensory Integration Disorder Interferes with Your Child's Social Skills
Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske, authors of Raising a Sensory Smart Child, explain how sensory integration disorder can affect your child's social skills and suggest ways to help, in this interview.

Skills Assessments for Sensory Integration
Polly Emmons and Liz Anderson, authors of Understanding Sensory Dysfucntion, explain the signs and skill difficulties indicating severe sensory dysfunction, in this interview.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction - Becoming a Sensory Detective
Does your child have sensory integration dysfunction? Polly Godwin Emmons and Liz McKendry Anderson

Suggestions for Teachers and Parents Helping School Children with Sensory Integration Issues
Polly Emmons and Liz Anderson, authors of Understanding Sensory Dysfucntion, discuss sensory integration and school.

The Sensory Impact of Arousal Levels on Attention in Autistic Children
A compelling description of the possible sensory integration impact of autism on arousal levels and the resultant impact on attention. Portia Iversen

Sensory Integration Problems in Preemies
Common sensory integration problems in preemies, causes and solutions. Lindsey Biel

Sensory Integration Problems in International Adoption
Sensory integration problems in adopted children, and how you can help your child. Lindsey Biel

A Day in the Life of Alex : Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Activities
Incorporating sensory integration activities into daily life. Dale Lips

Sensory Integration Tips - Oral Defensiveness Activities for Preemies
Preemie parents recommend oral activites for sensory integration issues. Virginia Brick and Jacque Shatako

Ouch! Sensory Integration and Hair Cuts
Practical suggestions for hair cuts for children with sensory integration disorders. Lindsey Biel

Sensory Integration Tips - Hints For Children With Food Aversion
Feeding children with sensory integration issues that effect eating. Rachel Browne

Sensory Integration Tips - Tactile Defensiveness Activities
Parents suggest sensory integration activities for tactile defensiveness.

Preemies and Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration and Pain Tolerance in Preemies
Sensory integration issues and pain tolerance in older preemies. Allison Martin

Developmental Care: Overstimulation and Your Premature Baby
Sensory integration and your preemie - what you can do. Maren Peterson-DeGroff

Adoption and Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration Disorder in Children Adopted from Institutions
Sensory integration issues of a child adopted from Eastern Europe. Harriet McCarthy

Should You Request a Sensory Integration Evaluation for Your Child Adopted from an Institution?
When to seek an sensory integration dysfunction evaluation for your adopted child. Harriet McCarthy

Alleviating Sensory Integration Issues in Adopted Children Due to Early Sensory Deprivation - Online Links
Links to online articles with informational responses to common questions from parents of adopted children raised in orphanages or institutions, who have ongoing with sensory integration issues. An interview with Zoe Mailloux. Allison Martin

Sensory Integration Resources

Sensory Integration Book Reviews
Books to help your child with sensory integration issues.

Sensory Integration CDs
CDs and Cassette tapes for sensory integration education and activities.

Sensory Integration Internet Resources
More websites for parents of children with sensory dysfunction.

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