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Preemie Parenting

Parents and professionals discuss issues families encounter in raising children born premature.The emotional roller coaster of prematurity effects families for years after they leave the NICU. Developmental, medical and other needs evolve as preemies grow up, raising complex questions beyond 'normal' parenting.

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What A Difference A Year Makes
The joys and fears of becoming a preemie parent. Laura Biddle-Bruckman
Prematurity: Birthdays and Memories
When your baby was born prematurely, birthdays can evoke complex feelings. Allison Martin
Birth Memories : Differences of Premature and Full Term Birthdays
"I don't think that parents of full term babies can often understand why we seem to need to grieve the small details; what to them is just a footnote is the body of the text for us." Mary Searcy
Ambiguous Loss
Experiencing joy and grief after the birth of a premature child. Kimberly A. Powell
Growing Up
A New Beginning: Home with Your Premature Baby
After your preemie comes home, managing expectations. Kristine Repino
Small Victories
An interview with author Mary Lou Dickerson in which she discusses her insightful book of life stories of adult preemies.
From Diapers to Dating - Will My Preemie Ever Grow Tall?
Parents' concerns for the growth of their children born prematurely. Allison Martin
Parenting After the NICU
Those early times in the NICU had a postive impact on the author, both as a person and a parent. Rene Miller
School Decisions
Should I Delay Kindergarten for My Preemie?
Preemie parents discuss delaying the start of Kindergarten. Allison Martin
Preemies Have More Difficulty Coping with School?
Prematurity Forum participants discuss school issues for older preemies. Compiled by Allison Martin
For Dads
The Strongest Men
In praise of fathers of preemies. Janet Gresham
In Society
Prematurity : Parents and Peers
When you have a preemie, the nature of the delivery makes it difficult to find a peer group. Mara Stein, PhD
When Your Parents Won't Listen
Involving your parents in the issues confronting your preemie. Allison Martin
Special Needs Parenting
New Roles for Parents of Children Born Prematurely
Important aspects of preemie parenting. Allison Martin
What I Learned in Parenting a Child with Special Needs - A Letter to God
The bitter-sweet lessons of growth from raising a child with special needs. Pat Linkhorn.
It Isn't Easy
It would be nice if people understood what it is like to raise a child with special needs. Pat Linkhorn
Bad Days
Who said life was fair? Pat Linkhorn
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Parenting guidance and remarkable stories of preemies and their families.

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