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Premature Baby Premature ChildPremature Baby Premature Child

Articles and resources - help you, help your preemie

Preemie Community

Preemie Books for Children
New! Reviews of the best children's books about prematurity.

Preemie Child Support
Preemie Child Listserv - The only national support group for parents of older preemies.

Why Premature Child?
Our Personal Story

Preemie Celebrations Guest Book
Share your joy and your preemie's accomplishments with other preemie parents in our popular Guest Book.

Pregnancy and Preemies

Premature Delivery
High risk pregnancy, causes of prematurity, infant loss and other issues related to premature delivery and pre-tem birth.

Raising Your Preemie

Surviving the NICU
Advice, stories, and support for parents of preemies.

Preemie Parenting
Developmental, medical and other needs evolve as preemies grow up, raising complex questions beyond 'normal' parenting.

Preemie Parent Advocates
Encouraging preemie parents to advocate for their children.

Special Needs for Preemies
Comeunity Special Needs has articles on Cerebral Palsy, Growth & Feeding, Sensory Integration, Speech & Language and more.

Show and Tell
Artwork and stories by children born premature.


Preemie Books

Preemie Book Reviews
Recommendations for the best books, and why.

Author Interviews
Meet the authors of preemie books.

Learning About Preemies
Preemie Development & Special Needs
Professionals and parents discuss developmental issues and the special needs of preemies, such as cerebral palsy, growth, sensory integration, speech and much more. Over 100 articles.

Preemie Celebrations
Stories and poems by preemie parents celebrating the lives and victories of children born prematurely.

Sensory Integration and Pain Tolerance in Preemies
Sensory integration issues and pain tolerance in older preemies.

Prematurity Research
Research studies providing insight as to the frequency and types of long term impacts preemies may exhibit.

Helen Harrisons' Observations
Discussion of prematurity and its impacts, from the author of The Premature Baby Book.

Directory of Specialty Shops for Your Preemie

Advertise your preemie product.

Highlighted Articles

Your Preemie Baby's Sense of Touch and Pain
Your preemie baby responds to touch and pain at a very young age. This discussion of touch, comfort, and pain management in the NICU explains how can you help your baby feel more secure.

Delivery of Preemie Twin Babies
The touching personal story of the delivery of twin preemies.

A nurse's healing words help sooth the tears and grief when a much wanted pregnancy ends in miscarriage

Keep a Preemie Baby Diary in the NICU
A diary of your concerns and emotions can hep you keep your sanity, when your preemie baby is in the hospital.

A New Beginning: Home with Your Premature Baby
After your preemie comes home, managing expectations.

Sensory Integration Problems in Preemies
Common sensory integration problems in preemies, causes and solutions.

Premature Baby Premature Child