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Helen Harrison's Observations on Prematurity

Discussions of research on the impacts of prematurity by Helen Harrison, author of The Premature Baby Book. These observations are excerted with permission from posts to the prematurity parents support internet mailing lists on prematurity: Preemie-child and Preemie-L.

Key Research | Pre-term Infant Care | Diagnosis | Special Needs | History

Key Research
Research on Prematurity Impacts
The Need for Better Followup Studies on Prematurity
Bibliography of the Long Term Effects of Prematurity
Diagnosis and Outcome
Many Prematurity Issues are Mild
What is "Normal"?
Special Needs Related to Prematurity
ADHD in Children Born Premature
Mild Cerebral Palsy
The Variability in Diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy for Preemies
Risk Factors for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Problems
Constipation in Preemies
More on Constipation and Prematurity
Pre-term Infant Care
Rickets and Osteopenia of Prematurity (decreased bone density)
Breastfeeding of Preterm Infants
Intrauterine Infection and Preterm Delivery
History of Prematurity
An Interview with Dr. William Silverman, Father of Neonatal Intensive Care
History of Prematurity in the Early 1900's
Preemie Personality- Mary Shirley (1939)
Preemie Personality in Girls - Dr. Stanley H. Waters (1973)

Prematurity Research

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