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How to Adopt Internationally
A Guide for Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions

By Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen

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How to Adopt Internationally : A Guide for Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions, by Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen is a wonderful resource for parents who are seeking to adopt internationally for the first time. The Erichsen's years of experience and forthright presentation makes for a book that is one of the tops on the subject. The book starts with an overview of international adoption. Is international adoption a good match for you in your adoption quest? After reading this book you will have a good idea if so, and a firm plan on getting started. They explain the different methods to adopt internationally and then focus on pros and cons of agency directed adoptions. The goal of this book is to encourage well informed adoptive parents - it doesn't shy away from ethical, racial, cultural or post adoption issues.

How to Adopt Internationally is a "blue print" schematic for parents starting the adoption process. It offers guidance on acquiring and filling out the numerous forms, and the steps you must take to meet the adoption requirement s for each country. Chapters on traveling, meeting your baby, and coming home, prepare you for that important journey. This book is updated every few years, and the content is both timely and practical

How to Adopt Internationally is the best guide available to the details of the complex and sometimes frustrating experience of the paper chase required for adopting internationally from any country. The Erichsen's include a step by step guide to every requirement and procedure, starting with the U.S. required home study and the INS form I-600 all the way through post placement and final adoption requirements. For every major step, they include the actual or example forms, along with suggestions for completion. For anyone involved in international adoption (or even contemplating an international adoption), this book will get you started and be a welcome resource through the process. It provides an overview of the requirements of the international adoption process that is duplicated nowhere else. If your agency is less than helpful with the paperwork requirements, this book will be worth its price many times over.

The first half of the book is devoted to an overview of international adoption and the steps required for completion. Topics include Choosing the Right Agency, Preliminary INS Approval, The Referral, Filing the Orphan Petition, and A Parent's Guide to Health Problems of Third World Orphans. The remainder of the book is an overview of 87 countries; basic cultural and geographical informatio, numbers of adoptions (1995), procedures, adoption and immigration authorities, and comments relevant to each country's adoption program are provided.

For the latest instructions for each country, you should check with your agency and government authority, as well as relying on this book. One of the best resources for up to date information (and support) are the noncommercial mailing lists for each country listed on our List of Adoption Mailing Lists .

How to Adopt Internationally is written by two experts in the field of international adoption and the reader will benefit from their personal experience and broad overview of the field. Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen are the founders of the well known international adoption agency, Los Ninos International Adoption Center, and their expertise in this field is evident throughout the book. Highly recommended for those are seeking an overview and step by step guide to the international adoption scene. Read an interview with the author

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