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Protect Yourself From Adoption Scams
Adoption scams are real, and can be quite cruel. Protect yourself from adoption scams with these professional tips. Patricia Irwin Johnston

How the Hague Convention Regulations Improve Your International Adoption Agency or Facilitator Selection Process
The rationale behind the new Hague Convention regulations and how helps your your international adoption process, is discussed in this exclusive interview with Jean Nelson Erichsen, author of Inside the Adoption Agency. Allison Martin

Is International Adoption Right for You?
Explanation and comparison of domestic and international adoptions. Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen

What You Should Know About Adoption Photolistings
Adoption photolistings can be great tools to help you find your child, if you don't let your heart rule your intelligence. Follow this practical advice and advance warning signs for adoption photolistings. Dawn Davenport

How to Help Adopted Children Adjust with an Adoption Welcome Book
Directions for making a Welcome Book to help your adopted child adjust to their new home. Beth O'Malley

Domestic Adoption
How to adopt in the United States - domestic adoption experiences and other insights. Betsy Buckley

Baby and Toddler Adoptions - Interrupted or Unexperienced Stages of Development
Developmental interruptions are common in adopted babies who are placed after birth. What causes these interruptions and how can you address them. Patricia Johnston

Choosing Adoption - Developmental Impacts of Orphanages Versus Foster Care
An overview of developmental impacts of children adopted internationally from oprhanages and institutions. How and why this may differ from children adopted from foster care. Dawn Davenport

How to Adopt Internationally
An interview with Jean Nelson Erichsen, co-author of the book "How to Adopt Internationally." Allison Martin

Older Foster Child and Teen Adoption
Advice from an experienced social worker for parents considering an older foster child or teen adoption. Interview with Pamela Lowell, a clinical social worker. Allison Martin

Adopting on Your Own
Experienced advice for singles wishing to adopt and single adoptive parents from Lee Varon, author of Adopting On Your Own. Allison Martin

Tears of Joy
A touching scene in the US Consulate during a Chinese adoption excerpted from the book, Grace from China. Jacqueline A. Kolosov

Overseas Adoption is Dream Come True for South Dakota Family
An international adoption story. DeAnn McClure

Adoption - The Greatest Gift
Betsy Buckley, author of "The Greatest Gift" provides advice on adopting your child in this interview. Allison Martin

Interviewing An Adoption Agency
Questions to ask when selecting an adoption agency for an international adoption. Sara Myers

Joy and Surprises from Abroad - Assimilation and International Adoption
Assimililation goes both ways for international adoptive families. Adam Pertman

Rainbows from Heaven
An insight in an arduous adoption from the Ukraine. Lynn Ellen Doxon

Top Five Hot Buttons Not to Push! (or, Open Mouth, Extract Foot)
Insensitive comments about adoption and adoptive families. Pat Johnston

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the .. Homestudy
A Humorous Tale of Home Inspection for Adoption. Peggy Knudson

The Adoption Homestudy
Put your fear aside and warm up your photocopier.. you're in for an interesting, sometimes frustrating ride. Roberta Rosenberg

Preparing Families for International Adoption
Key issues families should know before adopting internationally. Dr. Victor Groza

Basic Requirements for International Adoption
International adoptions include requirements of the U.S. immigration, the country from which the child is originating, and the state in which the child will ultimately live. Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen

Agency-Initiated and Parent-Initiated Adoptions
Pros and cons of the two major types of international adoptions: agency-initiated adoptions and direct or independent adoptions. Jean Nelson-Erichsen and Heino R. Erichsen

INS Regulations - Immigrant Petitions
Regulations on international adoption. Be an informed adopter - read the regs!

Interview - International Concerns for Children
An interview with AnneMarie Merrill of the ICC on choosing an agency for an international adoption. Allison Martin


Resources for selecting an agency
Links to articles and other resources to help you choose an adoption agency.



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