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Real Moms adoption newsletter

An adoption newsletter by and for adoptive mothers.
Edited by Karen Ledbetter.

Real Moms adoption newsletter offers support, information and encouragement for domestic adoption to adoptive and prospective adoptive mothers.

Letters From Our Readers

Sixth Online Issue:

Appropriate Things to Say to an Adoptive Family After an Adoption Falls Through
Things NOT to Say to an Adoptive Family After an Adoption Falls Through

Fifth Online Issue:
NACAC 2000 Report - A parent shares her experience at the NACAC national adoption conference.
My Special Mother's Day Gift - A special adoption story.
To Tell or Not to Tell Your School About Adoption

Fourth Online Issue:
Questions to Ask a Potential Birth Mother - You're talking to a woman who is making an adoption plan for the baby she's carrying. What questions do you ask?
Worth the Fight - A poem about waiting.
Our Adoption Trip - Story of a domestic adoption.

Third Online Issue:
My Child, My Child - A poem of love.
Our Adoption Journey - Childhood love for a doll carries this prospective adoptive mom through emotional and medical anguish to joy.
Letter to A Birth Father - Reassurance from an adoptive mom.
Dear Birth Mother - A poem of appreciation from an adoptive mother.

Second Online Issue:
Best Mom? - An adoptive mother's thoughts on parenting.
To My Baby - An adoptive mother's poem to her baby.
Thirty Things Adolescent Adoptees Wish They Knew - About Their Birthparents But Often Are Afraid To Ask
From a Birth Mom - A short letter from a birth mother.

First Online Issue:
Joey's Adoption - Adoption of a child with a disability.
A special bond of love - A poem of thanks to a birth mother.
Losing Maria - Love lost and found as a daughter joins her birth father.
A Precious Gift - A poem of appreciation.

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