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adoption poetry - poems about adoption

Parents share their thoughts and feelings in these poems about adoption.

He Is Mine
A sweet adoption poem, acknowledging that our children are entrusted to us by God. Valerie Kay Gwin

Fly Me To Vietnam
A young adoptee wrote this gentle poem prior to a homeland trip to Vietnam, the land of her birth. Lily Barton

I Am About to Cry
A poem to encourage adoptive parents of older children, to know that children can heal, and that they are definitely key in helping their children to heal. Christina and Sharonda S.

An adoptee shares her thoughts about her birthmother in this poem. Elaine Rideau Tomlin

Adoption Support
A poem about support during the adoption process. Myla Stauber

For a Son-to-be
An adoption poem about the love of an adoptive mother waiting for her son. Jill Work

The Legacy of a Child in an Open Adoption
A birthmother shares this warm hearted poem about open adoption and love. Brenda Romanchick

Half A World Away
An adoption poem about waiting. Jill Marshall-Work

Little Boy Lost
Adoption poem on the sorrow of losing a referral. Janet Lee Hickey

My Child
An adoption poem about the love of an adoptive mother for her new child. Jill Work

An Offering of Time
An expectant mother's reflections on the road to adoption. Marea Jenness

Slow Moving Moon
An adoption poem about waiting. Marea Jenness

One Year Ago Today
An adoption poetry celebrating the remembered arrival of a beloved daughter. Jill Work

Christmas for the First Time Again
Celebrating Christmas through a child's eyes. Jill Work

The Wonder of a Little Boy
Adoption poem of a mother's love for her son. Wendy Barron

The Color of Jesus
The Sunday School lesson in love was taught by my four-year-old daughter to me. Jill Work

A Special Bond of Love
An adoption poem of thanks to a birth mother. Karen Ledbetter

This Is Our Daughter
An adoption poem about the love of an adoptive mother for her daughter. Jill Work

To My Baby
Adoption poem of love for my baby. Karen Ledbetter



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