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In these exclusive interviews by Allison Martin, authors discuss their adoption books, sharing their experiences and expert advice on adoption.

Acknowledging Differences in Adoption
Adopted children are sons and daughters both to parents they don't know who are genetically connected to them and to adoptive parents, with whom they share no genes. Since the rest of the world defines these family roles genetically, we each experience this difference. Interview with Pat Johnston, the author of Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families.

How the Hague Convention Regulations Improve Your International Adoption Agency or Facilitator Selection Process
The rationale behind the new Hague Convention regulations and how helps your your international adoption process, is discussed in this exclusive interview with Jean Nelson Erichsen, author of Inside the Adoption Agency.

A Teacher Speaks: Adoption and Sharing Chinese Culture with Your Children
An experienced teacher examines ways teachers and families can share Chinese culture with children of different ages. Interview with Freddie Remza, author of The Journey to Mei.

Older Foster Child and Teen Adoption
Advice from an experienced social worker for parents considering an older foster child or teen adoption. Interview with Pamela Lowell, author of Returnable Girl.

Societal Views of Adoption
Claudia Nelson, author of Little Strangers, discusses societal views toward adoption, past and present, in this author interview.

Adoption History - Interview with Barbara Melosh
Even as adoptions grow in acceptance, they are not as numerous as they once were. How has our understanding of adoption changed over the last century? Interview with the author of Strangers and Kin, The American Way of Adoption.

Control, Loss and Dreams - Searching for a Solution to Infertility
Pat Johnston, author of Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families describes a practical approach to coping with infertility, in this exclusive interview.

Post Adoption Blues
Karen Foli, co-author of Post-Adoption Blues, explains the concept behind adoption blues in this interview.

A Pediatrician Discusses Adoption
An Interview with Dr. Michel Cohen, author of The New Basics.

Talking About Birthparents with Young Adoptees
Carrie Kitze explains ways to encourage your young children to feel comfortabletalking about their birthparents.

Alleviating Sensory Integration Issues in Adopted Children Due to Early Sensory Deprivation - Online Links
Links to online articles with informational responses to common questions from parents of adopted children raised in orphanages or institutions, who have ongoing with sensory integration issues. An interview with Zoe Mailloux, co-author of Love, Jean. Allison Martin

Attaching in Adoption
Deborah Gray, author of the "Attaching in Adoption", provides professional guidance on the attachment of adopted children.

Adoption is a Family Affair!
Patricia Johnston, the author of "Adoption is a Family Affair!" discusses rude comments and adoption education.

Adoption - The Greatest Gift
Betsy Buckley, author of "The Greatest Gift" provides advice on adopting your child in this interview.

Parents By Choice
Interview with authors Darin and Tess DeBlander.

Questions Children Have About Adoption
An interview with Lori Resove, author of Rosie's Family.

Parents Wanted
George Harrar, author of "Parents Wanted" discusses adoption of older children.

A Revolutionary New Look at Adoption
Adam Pertman, author of "The Adoption Nation" examines the transformation of adoption today, with advice for adoptive families and prospective adopters, in this interview.

The Best Single Mom in the World - How I Was Adopted
Mary Zisk, the author and illustrator of "The Best Single Mom in the World" discusses her adoption and the basis for her book.

Helping Families Discuss Adoption
Carol Peacock, author of the uplifting children's book "Mommy Near, Mommy Far," discusses ways to talk with your child about adoption.

Adopting on Your Own
Experienced advice for singles wishing to adopt and single adoptive parents from Lee Varon, author of Adopting On Your Own.

Inspiration from Cambodia
Frederick Lipp, author of "The Caged Birds of Phnom Penh" describes the inspiration for his book and its transforming effect on his life.

Creating Ceremonies for Older Adopted Children
Cheryl Lieberman and Rhea Bufferd, authors of Creating Ceremonies, explain the ways rituals can be helpful for older adopted children. Allison Martin

Seeds of Love - Preparing Siblings for Your International Adoption Journey
Mary Petertyl, the author of Seeds of Love, discusses ways to prepare your children for your international adoption journey in this exclusvie interview

Successful Adoptions
Dr. Victor Groza, author of "Clinical and Practice Issues in Adoption," describes the characteristics of successful adoptions.

Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
Trish Maskew, author "Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child," provides advice for parents considering the adoption of an older child.

How to Adopt Internationally
Jean Nelson-Erichsen, author of "How to Adopt Internationally" and the director of Los Ninos adoption agency, provides suggestions on undertaking an international adoption.

Empy Womb, Aching Heart
Marlo Schalesky, author of Empty Womb, Aching Heart, discusses her anthology of stories about infertility and faith.

Celebrating Lunar New Year with Children
Cindy Roberts, author of "Lunar New Year for Kids", explains the benefits of enjoying the Asian New Year with your children, in school or with your local adoption group.

International Adoption, Lessons Learned from Romania
Dr. Victor Groza, author of "A Peacock Or A Crow," describes how you can prepare for international adoption and provides an overview of the impacts of long term institutionalism.

International Concerns for Children
AnneMarie Merrill, author/editor of the "Report on Intercountry Adoptions," points out some important considerations for your selection of your adoption agency.

More Author Interviews on Comeunity

Sleeping Through the Night
Dr. Jodi A. Mindell, author of "Sleeping Through the Night," provides sensible advice on how to help your baby and yourself to a good night's sleep. Allison Martin

Single Mothers By Choice
An interview with Jane Mattes, the author of Single Mothers By Choice. Allison Martin



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