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International Adoption Travel Journal
By Mary E. Petertyl
International Adoption Travel Journal
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Reviewed by Heather Peterson

I received my first expectant mommy gift today!  What an absolute thrill!  I had to share it with all of you. It is called the international adoption travel journal. It is designed specifically to be a memoir of the journey.  It begins with parent info and emergency contacts.  There is a place for family to write their thought about our adoption. There is room for agency info also.  Then there is room for the first time we held our child we felt...  The person who put the child in our arms was...The daily journal is the best.  It covers 20 days with lots of pages for each day. There is room for your child's schedule likes, and dislikes, etc.  It looks like there are four sections to journal about specific cities along with spaces for historical facts. foods eat and what the accommodations were like.  It follows through with the trip home and even spaces for eventual citizenship info.  There are also numerous pages for names and addresses of friends made while in country.  It looks like a wonderful way to record the travel aspect of the adoption journey.  It made this all seem so real!  I'm going to be a mommy!

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