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How to create an adoption lifebook Dim Sum, Bagels, and Grits : A Sourcebook for Multicultural Families
by Myra Alperson

"Insight into combining cultures, confronting prejudice, developing role models, and locating multi-cultural resources." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Inside Transracial Adoption (Hardcover)
by Gail Steinberg, Beth Hall
Advice for the multi-cultural family, good for those just starting out. (Adoption Advocates International)
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Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?: A Parent's Guide to Raising Multiracial Children (Paperback)
by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
From the publisher: A psychologically wise guide to helping multiracial children of all ages develop confidence and a healthy understanding of their uniqueness. "Am I black or white or am I American?" "Why don't my eyes look like yours?" "Why do people always call attention to my 'different' hair?"
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The Black Parenting Book: Caring for Our Children in the First Five Years
by Allison Abner, Linda Villarosa, Anne C. Beal

"The Black Parenting Book is a thoughtful, comprehensive resource for parents of young African, African-American or biracial children from three African American mothers with impressive writing credentials and experience. Intermingled with solid advice on child care, the authors offer thoughtful and positive advice on parenting black children, addressing key topics such as how to care for hair of black children, and instill a sense of pride in the process. With insights on parenting from babyhood to preschool this well informed book would be a great resource for new adoptive parents or parents to be."
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What Are You?: Voices of Mixed-Race Young People
by Pearl Fuyo Gaskins (Editor)
In this book young people of racially mixed backgrounds discuss their feelings about family relationships, prejudice, personal identity, and other issues. Although not about adoptees, this book addresses similar topics such as dating, families, and the double prejudice and double insight that come from being "mixed, but not mixed-up."
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Tripping on the Color Line: Blackwhite Multiracial Families in a Racially Divided World
by Heather M. Dalmage
With interviews with black-white multi-racial families Dalmage examines how they construct their family reality, sense of commuity, politics and more, in a racially divided landscape. She examines the influence of the census, transracial adoption, and intermarriage, and society. The author is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the School of Policy Studies, Roosevelt University in Chicago.
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Are Those Kids Yours? : American Families With Children Adopted From Other Countries
by Cheri Register "
"A good guide to becoming a visibly international family and answering the usually well-intentioned questions of others. (Adoption Advocates International)
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I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious World: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Marguerite A. Wright
"Refreshing, research-based look at how children conceptualize race and skin color at different developmental levels with related advice for parents and caregivers to promote healthy attitudes." (Adoption Advocates International)
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In Their Own Voices
by Rita J. Simon and Rhonda M. Roorda
A collection of about 20 interviews with adult transracial adoptees about their experiences growing up and their perspectives on being transracially adopted. (Adoption Advocates International)
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Love in the Driest Season : A Family Memoir
by Neely Tucker
"Moving account of this journalist's and his wife's struggle to save and then adopt an abandoned baby girl in Zimbabwe." (Adoption Advocates International)
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Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice
by Derald Wing Sue, David Sue
This book is for professionals. From the publisher: Combining a sound conceptual framework for multicultural counseling with proven therapeutic methods for specific groups, Counseling the Culturally Different remains the best source of real-world counseling preparation for students and the most enlightened, influential guide for professionals. The authors continue to use a large number of clinical case studies and real-life examples to illustrate the concepts of multicultural counseling and therapy. New chapters on white racial identity development; non-Western and indigenous methods of healing; and counseling women, gays/lesbians, the physically challenged, and the elderly. Expanded coverage of multicultural family counseling/therapy, racial/cultural identity development, and becoming multiculturally competent. Individual chapters on counseling African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.
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Secret Thoughts

Black Baby White Hands: A View from the Crib
by Jaiya John

"A black man's memoir of being raised by white parents." (Adoption Advocates International)
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