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Letters From Our Readers

"As a birthmother who lost her child thru adoption in 1977 and reconnected with my adult child in 1999, I must say that after reading thru this entire web site, I am truly touched. Each piece is filled with love and admiration from the adoptive parents to birthparents.

My adoption triad all get along wonderfully. We all have one common bond my birthdaughter, and their daughter. The adoptive mother Hannah is so wonderful and is very supportive in our reunion.We have learned to enhance each others life.

Thanks again for such a refreshing side of the adoption triad."

Lorae C, Birthmother

"I found your newsletter a relief. My husband and I have had a child in our home for almost a year waiting to adopt him, and your site is the first thing I have come across that shows a more realistic picture of the adoption process. Our adoption is through our county's deptartment of human resources, a state agency. The entire thing has been a nightmare!"

An almost adoptive mother

"I just read your online newsletter and wanted to thank you for it. I'm a birthmom and a special education teacher, my birthchild is now grown as are my 3 "kept" children. I appreciate the fact that you included letters and poems to birth parents, as I have long held that there are love, pain and longing--and most of all, good people--on both sides of the adoption fence. I was a child when my child was born, and wanted better for him than my stressed-out, crazy, dysfunctional family could offer. He got that, and I am grateful. Yes, I missed him. Yes, I have loved him his entire life. But I gave him what I wanted for myself, and it was the only gift I could give.

If I could know him now I would, now that he's in his middle 30's. I would join his family in celebrating his life and the fine person he has become. I like to think they would welcome me, too. Thank you for sharing Real Moms Newsletter on the internet, for all of us who love the children of adoption."

Real Moms is a newsletter by and for adoptive mothers. Support, information, encouragement, and networking for domestic adoption are offered to adoptive and prospective adoptive mothers.

Real Moms Adoption Newsletter

Real Moms Newsletter

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Joey's Adoption
A Special Bond of Love
Losing Maria
A Precious Gift - Poem

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