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Hepatitis B and Adoption from Asia

Physicians Articles

Hepatitis B and Adoption from Asia FAQ
Overview of information on Hepatitis B for parents adopting from Asia. Allison Martin, Dr. Jerri Jenista

Hepatitis B, by Dr. Howard J. Worman, M.D.
Hepatitis B risk factors, diagnosis, consequences and treatment. Dr. Worman

Hepatitis B Virus Description, by Dr. Ackerman
Photographs and description of the Hepatitis B virus, presented for adoptive parents. Dr. Ackerman

Parenting Articles

What Our Daughters Taught Us About Hepatitis B
A compelling story and practical advice for adoptive parents on educating yourself about Hepatitis B. Kim

Adoptive Parents of Vietnam Discuss Hepatitis B
Adoptive parents share their experiences of Hepatitis B.

Physician reprints from the Hepatitis B Coalition

Questions Frequently Asked About Hepatitis B, by Dr. Deborah Wexler
Hepatitis B infection and testing. Dr. Wexler

A Brief Introduction to Hepatitis B for Parents of Adopted Children, by Sarah Jane Schwarzenberg, MD
Hepatitis B testing and followup for adoptive parents. Dr. Schwarzenberg

Management of the HBsAg Positive Patient, by Coleman I. Smith, M.D.
A gastroenterologist/hepatologist discusses testing and follow up for patients with hepatitis B. Dr. Smith

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Infectious Disease and the Internationally Adopted Child, by Dr. Jenista, MD

Tests and Vaccinations for Children Adopted from Asia, by Dr. Gindler, MD

Hepatitis B Resources

Hepatitis B Links
Organizations, websites and mailing lists for adoptive parents looking for Hepatitis B support and information.

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