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Worth the Fight

by Dawn Welch

The days have faded into months, the
months grown into years.
The hopes and dreams we once held
tight, have now been blurred by tears.
The aching, longing and desire are
an endless and searing pain.
The time we've spent, the efforts endured
and nothing to show we've gained.
A baby is all we hope for and need,
an empty hole to fill.
In life we need that one missing
piece to make things whole and real.
As we drudge along and pursue our
dream, we never must lose sight.
For all we hope to have in life,
there must always be a fight.

© Copyright Dawn Welch

Real Moms is a newsletter by and for adoptive mothers. Support, information, encouragement, and networking for domestic adoption are offered to adoptive and prospective adoptive mothers.

Real Moms Adoption Newsletter

Real Moms Newsletter

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