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This section presents personal adoption stories from the United States and countries around the world - domestic and international.

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Nine Months in My Heart
In this sweet personal domestic adoption story, an elementary school teacher shares the joy of the day she learned her baby was born, after nine months of anticipation. Rhonda Lane Phillips

Becoming a Father - A China Adoption
An adoptive father shares his emotions upon becoming a father in this personal account of a China adoption. Rocky DeLorenzo

Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Families who are adoptiong from China celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival together in the moonlight, in this heartwarming and informative story. Together the children learn about Chinese traditions and stories, as they wait for the adoption of their siblings from China. Freddie Remza

Taiwan Adoption - An Illinois Couple Adopts Their Son
The personal story of adoption from Taiwan. Barbara Walsh

Before Adoption - At Home at Holt
Long waits for adoption in Vietnam, prior to Operation Babylift in 1975 when over 2,000 children were airlifted for adoption around the world. Andrea Warren

Rainbows from Heaven
An insight in an arduous adoption from the Ukraine. Lynn Ellen Doxon

Welcome Home Woo - The Stages of Adjustment in a Toddler Adoption
A young boy adopted from Korea grows to love his new family. Barb Burke

A Child is Born .. in Guatemala
The adoption of our daughter from Guatemala. Traci Radice

Book Reviews: Adoption Stories
My reviews and recommendations of recent books presenting adoption stories.



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